About Us

Hey there, Evan A. Ebbert here, a professional cyclist who just loves touring.

I’m delighted to welcome you here at outdooraxis.com. In addition to cycling, I participate in a lot of other outdoor activities. So, if you love outdoor activities like camping, cycling, and beach trips, you’ll love it here.

A Little About the Author Evan A. Ebbert

I was in year 7 when my dad bought me my first bicycle. Ever since then, I’ve been in crazy love with cycling. I started going out on cycling tours during my teenage years and found that I loved nothing more than roaming on a bicycle.

Also, for me, it was an act of immense joy to inspect my cycling gear like helmet, tubes, and other related accessories. And eventually, I realized that I had to choose cycling as a profession.

Another of my passion is writing. Yes, I love to write and express myself on my blogs. So, one day it struck me why don’t I do a dedicated blog on cycling and outdoor activities. That’s how this website was founded.

What Is Outdooraxis About

Here, I’ll talk about cycling, offer you tips on it and also review the best cycles and gears so that you don’t have to spend days to find the right items.

In addition to cycling, I’ll also explore other outdoor interests such as camping and beach activities. We’ll also offer in-depth review guides on related products.

Why Should You Trust Us?

All our reviews and info content will be unbiased since we do not have any association with any seller. So, we’ll only recommend the products that are simply the best.

However, if you click through a link and purchase a product from Amazon, we’ll get a small commission from the sale. Since the commission isn’t dependent upon which product we recommend, our recommendations will be unbiased, and our reviews will be honest.

Who Are the Other Members of Our Team

Editor, Designer, Marketing Manager

What Is Our Goal?

Our goal is to help the people who would love to partake in more activities and help find the right gears for them to pursue their passion. We spend tons of hours finding the right products so that you don’t have to. Also, we offer tips and tricks on how to enjoy cycling and other outdoor activities better.

If you have anything that we can help you with, contact us, and our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.